FLOW CHECK was born as a service company to definitively offer the best option for the maintenance of regulators and diving equipment.


Linked to diving since 1994 with a very intense activity as divers both recreationally and, subsequently, professionally, practicing as recreational diving instructors. Our love for the sea together with a passion for diving made us train as technical divers in various specialties (caves, wrecks, hypoxic TRIMIX, oxygen decompression procedures, etc.).


We complement our training as divers and instructors with training courses in diving accidents, treatment and prevention, through the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Murcia, as hospital hyperbaric chamber operators, through the Spanish Society of Hyperbaric Medicine. We also develop training methods for Regulator Service Technicians at different levels, actively collaborating with Universities and Scientific Associations in various fields, always linked to the main activity of our company.   FLOW CHECK is the Technical Service brand for diving equipment whose main value is the quality of the services it provides, consequently, FLOW CHECK has developed work procedures that far exceed the quality requirements demanded by the manufacturers of the brands of diving equipment. Diving sales leaders worldwide.


Giving official status to all the processes developed, FLOW CHECK has been certified by SGS in Process Quality Management in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and in Environmental Quality Management in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

FLOW CHECK, within its range of services, includes certified reviews of regulators on demand in accordance with the EN250, EN13949 standard, issuing a certificate of work carried out, always signed by a technician qualified by the brand and authorized to carry out the work. In the same way we proceed in the rest of the equipment to which we provide our services.


ANSTI CSTF test certificate, as a guarantee of our services in regulators, each reviewed equipment is adjusted and calibrated by an ANSTI equipment, guaranteeing that the inspiratory effort and intermediate pressure values ​​adjusted in the equipment are those recommended by the manufacturer, performing later, as a guarantee of the same, the Computerized Service Test Facility test, where the values ​​described above are registered, also carrying out a check of the work required for the first stage according to the EN250 standard. Delivery commitment, all the services requested from FLOW CHECK are answered in a maximum of 48 hours by written document, also including a commitment of maximum delivery of the equipment, this is achieved with great effort and maintaining a high stock of spare parts to avoid having breaks that may affect the service, our only limitation being the availability of spare parts in the rare cases of very old and / or discontinued equipment, or equipment that has broken parts due to accidental falls or other types of incidents. In these cases, we are subject to the availability of the products by the suppliers, with a delay of no more than 3 to 5 days being common, which sometimes does not affect the expected delivery date.


Guarantee of the Services, all the works carried out by FLOW CHECK have a 3-month guarantee as established by the regulations in force regarding Commerce according to the legislation of the European Union and Spanish, clients can exercise their rights in accordance with the regulations in As a matter of trade, for this reason, our company always offers an official invoice to all FLOW CHECK clients to protect and guarantee their rights as consumers.


Continuous improvement will, with the intention of improving our service we have introduced a brief satisfaction survey to all our clients to know how we can improve and how we can make their experience with our company fully satisfactory.


We want to thank, on the part of the entire FLOW CHECK team, for the trust placed in us by our clients and for having supported us throughout all these years to be what we are today and continue to offer quality and safety.





Monday to Thursday:  9.30am to 1.30pm -2.30pm to 7pm

Friday:  9.30am a 3.30pm

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