You have the following options:

I don't know

  • Fill in the repair form on this page ensuring to put your contact information and we will contact you later to finalize details.

  • Call us at +34 936 672 710 and we will close everything in the same call.

  • Send us an email to with your data and details of your team and we will respond with a detailed budget. You can attach photos, they are very useful to give us an idea of ​​the best options for you.

  • Write us a WhatsApp at +34 608 115 026 with what you want to repair or review, you can also send us photos to get a better idea of ​​what you need.

In any case, we will need to ask for your contact, billing and shipping / collection details, if necessary, to speed up the process.

How do I request a repair?

                                              How long will it take to check or repair my equipment?

If something differentiates us from the rest, it is the commitment that we abide towards our clients. For this reason, in standard revisions or repairs we always offer the following maximum delivery periods:

For individuals:

  • Regulators: 10 business days.

  • Computers: 5 business days.

  • Jackets: 10 business days.

In the event that there is an extra difficulty not contemplated that requires an extension of said period, we would contact you in advance to discuss the options.

                            Are shipments and collections included in the estimates?

They are not included, unless you specify otherwise. If you want us to send it to you or to pick it up at home you can have it up to 24 hours and from € 6.50. Check transportation rates here.

                            What do I have to do to send my equipment to FLOW CHECK?

If you can not travel to our facilities you can choose the option of picking up at home (or wherever you want) and in 24 hours our transport company will send it to us. You just have to protect your equipment well and package it carefully, then you can simply paste a paper or write our address directly on the package:


Calle Cardenal Reig 13, Local

08028 Barcelona

93 667 27 10

Don't forget to insert a note with your details or a copy of the estimate in the package!

                      How do I know that you have received the equipment in case of sending it                                                                                by carrier?

As soon as the carrier delivers the package to us, the first thing we will do is enter your data (if we did not have them previously) followed by the equipment information as well as its serial numbers so that the entire process is traceable. Later we will send you an email with a detailed budget indicating your data and the material to be reviewed together with an estimated delivery date.

                             How will you inform me of the completion of the work to my team?

Once the work is finished, we will send another email with the final invoice and the certificate of the work carried out. In this same email we will indicate the different payment methods so that you can return your equipment at home, as if it had just been purchased!

Indeed, our main task is the satisfaction of our clients as well as our own for the good service we offer. So we give a 3-month guarantee on all our work so that you can start the diving season with ease.

                        Do I have a guarantee on my repair or revision?

Our icing on the cake!

It is a report in which we detail ALL the process your team has gone through, from the conditions in which it reaches our hands to the time of packaging. Going through all the photographs that we will have taken of the internal state of it and the ANSTI tests or pressure tests carried out, as well as all the spare parts and techniques used.

In this way we clarify all the possible doubts that you may have and we offer all the transparency that is possible to our work.

What is the certificate of work performed?

The invoice is the main tool that every consumer has to be able to demonstrate and exercise their rights in case they have any problem with their product. Imagine how important it is in the event of a problem with a regulator or other specialized equipment, on which our safety in the water depends.

That is why, from Flow Check, we are committed to meticulous data management that allows us to boast of obtaining our ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), with which we not only protect you in the water, we also leave you covered outside it .

                                                       Why is it important that I have a bill for my review?

Monday to Thursday:  9.30am to 1.30pm -2.30pm to 7pm

Friday:  9.30am a 3.30pm

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C/ del Cardenal Reig 13, 08028 Barcelona

+34 936 672 710