The process of rinsing our regulator after each dive is one of the most important to ensure its proper functioning. The process is really simple, but poorly done can cause premature corrosion of internal components of the first stage and even a leak of air for the second stage. To avoid this happening, just follow a couple of advices on what we should not do with our regulator:


AVOID BLOWING INSIDE THE AIR ENTRY, I have sometimes seen some divers blowing air from their bottles through the air inlet of their first stage to "dry the first stage", that is a serious mistake, what we are favouring is the entrance of water under pressure through the inside of the body of our first stage, in many cases seawater, so we must avoid this. What we must do is to take care that no water enters in the first stage so, as long as possible, we will rinse our second main stage, "octopus" and console (manometer, depth gauge, computer with air management, etc.) with the first stage connected to the bottle and this in turn open, to prevent water from penetrating through the nozzles and reach the body of the regulator.

In the most probable case that you can not rinse your equipment with the bottle connected to the regulator, avoid pressing the purge button of our second stage (including the octopus) when rinsing; think that the water penetrates into the second stage through the mouthpiece and that comes out by the same mouthpiece and by the exhalation valve that is in the exhaust tee if you press the purge button you are allowing the water to pass towards the hose and inevitably therefore to the first stage.


Once the second stages, manometers and hoses have been sweetened, we will disconnect, if it still is, the bottle of the first stage and, taking care that no water enters, we will place the cap that the manufacturer supplied us, taking the care that it is dry. In the case that we do not have this plug we can place the finger blocking the entrance, and we will rinse it avoiding water to enter trough the parts already rinsed, and in case of doing so we will avoid pressing the purge button for what I explained before.


HANGING THE REGULATOR FOR THE FIRST STAGE, usually people hang their first stage and leave the hoses below it, the possible mistake is in this previous rinsed since if water has entered through the exhalation valve or through the mouthpiece to the second stage, when left hanging, this water will be deposited in the lower zone the mechanism of the second stage and, when evaporating, will leave a residue of lime and, in the worst case, nitrate that over time can produce leaks in the second stage. To avoid this, it is as easy as to hang the regulator of the two second stages, we can use a piece of rope for it, in this way we guarantee that there are no remains that could affect the correct functioning of our regulator.


Following these simple tips will prevent impurities and corrosion, being those the main enemies of the proper functioning of our equipment, penetrate and appear on our first stage.



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